hi! im wren, nyx, or zero. i use a bunch of names. im a polyamorous, bisexual, somewhat genderfluid doll.

i use any/all pronouns and firefox (ðe best browser). also i play ðe guitar. i sometimes make music ðat i post on bandcamp, ðough i do so rarely.

im an omniþeist, a fancy word for recognizing ðe legitimacy of all divinities, and i consider myself a witch.

im a feline þerian, and an anarchist. i like ttrpgs, video games, and dismantling all systems of oppression. ðis is my little sanctuary. its not much, but its cozy. still working on making it look good, but ðatll come wiþ time. also i use þ and ð a lot, just mentally replace ðem wiþ "th" if youre having trouble with ðem

heres some places you can find me on ðe internet, or reach out and contact me

and, if youd like to contact me personally, i can be reached at zero@32bit.cafe